Books and Materials


Richard and Anna Linzer work together as co-facilitators. They have developed a method of facilitation for retreats that uses sequences of exercises in the form of kits and workbooks. The approach enables groups to work efficiently, effectively using the skills of all participants. They also facilitate group meetings and information gathering sessions. In all cases, they work with clients to develop an agenda and a process that meets specific needs.

Retreats give participants a time for reflection, for getting to know each other, and for making and setting into motion plans for the coming year. Retreats that are carefully planned can pay huge dividends.

Kits and Workbooks
The kits and workbooks developed by Richard and Anna Linzer are blueprints for successful two-day retreats. Individuals are able to find new ways to work together, to successfully solve problems, to make decisions about their goals, and to commit themselves to implementing their plans. At the completion of the retreat, the group will have a plan for action, and a specific commitment to implementation from each participant.