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Creative Borrowing: An economic asset for COVID-19 Recovery

Free webinar on how non-profit arts organizations can utilize fully-secured borrowing to help with their economic recovery.

Thank you to ArtsWA (the Washington State Arts Commission), the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the Oregon Arts Commission for hosting.

As mentioned in the webinar, we have produced three manuals on fully secured borrowing for arts organizations, individual artists, and for nonprofit organizations in general. All of these manuals are available for free.

Artist Manual

The Third Resource For Nonprofits

A Third Resource Manual Digital Version

Cash Flow Strategies: Innovation in Nonprofit Financial Management
Hardcover, November 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7879-8147-1
Available from Jossey-Bass Click Here

Cash Flow Strategies offers nonprofit organizations an innovative approach to financial management. In this companion to The Cash Flow Solution, the authors, Richard and Anna Linzer, reveal their approach—which emphasizes the use of cash flow concepts that enable an organization to have the working capital it needs. The book is filled with illustrative examples and includes the tools and templates needed to make these concepts immediately applicable to any institution.

Jossey-Bass, an imprint of Wiley, 2006
ISBN: 0-7879-7833-7
Available from Jossey-Bass Click Here

Many nonprofits rely on conventional methods of making and managing money from donations to cash reserves, endowments, and capital building campaigns in hopes of securing financial stability for the future. Yet, these acquired funds often remain tantalizing out of reach for day-to-day operations. The balance sheet may look good, but the actual cash available is often surprisingly low.

In order to achieve their missions, nonprofits need to fundamentally change the way they think about money. Richard and Anna Linzer introduce a groundbreaking approach to nonprofit financial management based on cash flow and the use of credit that gives nonprofits the money they need, when they need it while ensuring the long-term financial well-being of the organization. Their revolutionary and effective financial model is explained in clear and understandable terms for decision makers in both large and small nonprofit organizations.

It's Simple!
Money Matters for the Nonprofit Board Member
$21.00 - OUT OF PRINT
Published by Port Madison Press
ISBN 0-9669792-0-6

Richard and Anna Linzer are co-authors of It's Simple! Money Matters for Board Members of Nonprofit Organizations. It's Simple! is for all board members, including those who may not have a clue about budgets or deficits. Using commonly asked questions, the book starts with cash flow as a central concept and then looks at budgeting, financial planning, cash reserves endowments, and building ownership.

For "Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of the
Nonprofit Sector, 2000 Terry McAdams Award, Honorable Mention."

It's Easy!
Money Matters for the Nonprofit Manager
$21.00 - OUT OF PRINT
Published by Port Madison Press

Just saying the words "financial management" to many people in the nonprofit sector evokes a wince. "I'm not a numbers person" is a typical response, followed by "I didn't get into this line of work to focus on financial matters; my interest is in fulfilling our mission." Yet fulfilling the mission is inherently dependent on good fiscal practices. Therefore, it is important that financial reporting and policies be understood by all board and staff members.

It's Easy! is the third book in a series, written in straight forward, non-technical language, that looks at money matters in nonprofit organizations. The book discusses ways to obtain new sources of money, how to make funds go further, and how to use less expensive dollars to address daily needs. Managers of nonprofit organizations are given a set of tools and techniques for clarifying financial isses and reports. They are shown how to avoid fiscal crisis or how to solve them if they emerge. This book provides actual case studies, along with sample letters and forms, that makes money matters easy for nonprofit managers.

Kits and Workbooks

The kits and workbooks developed by Richard and Anna Linzer are blueprints for successful retreats. Each participant in the retreat will need a kit. Using their kits, individuals are able to find new ways to work together, to successfully solve problems, to make decisions about their goals, and to commit themselves to implementing their plans. At the completion of the retreat, the group will have a plan for action, and a specific commitment to implementaiton from each participant.

Money Matters! A Kit A Kit for Nonprofit Board and Staff Members is used by nonprofit organizations for developing a strategic financial plan.It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Linzer's financial management books. A logical sequence of self-administered exercises guides the participants. With each person working in their own kit, everyone brings their own ideas and expertise to the process of creating fiscal policies and a working financial plan for the organization. $25 each

The Board Development Kit is used by nonprofit organizations to strengthen their board and to recruit new board members. $25 each

The Board Retreat Kit is used to develop an action-oriented annual strategic plan for the institution. $25 each

The Corporate Retreat Kit enables small companies or divisions of larger corporations to complete a detailed action plan. $25 each

The Collaboration Workbook is designed for organizations or companies that are forming partnerships. Used at a retreat or in a series of meetings, the workbook guides partners through issues in negotiations as they develop and commit to mutually beneficial plans. $25 each

The Strategic Planning Retreat Kit is used by staff, commissions, and councils that operate in the public arena. $25 each

The Administrator's Guides A guide is available for each kit and workbook (excluding Money Matters!, a self-guided kit). The guides provide clear instructions for administrators on how to compose the agenda, set up the room for the retreat, administer and time each of the exercises, and document the event for the group. Process notes and specific cues are provided. $20 each